Little Heartprints Academy is a new daycare opening in the heart of the vibrant neighbourhood of Marda Loop in Calgary, AB. The daycare follows an Montessori and Reggio inspired approach to education and their mission is to provoke creativity, encourage independence and foster life long learners in early childhood.

ClientLittle Heartprints AcademyRoleDesignerServicesBranding, Logo


Doreen Ng, an educator and early childhood specialist, approached me with her plans to start her own Montessori inspired daycare and had asked if I could help to create the logo and branding that would represent her new company, Little Heartprints Academy. I was thrilled at the opportunity to work with Doreen to realize her vision for her company’s brand and to help a new small business get a head start.

The client mentioned wanting something simple and cute so I sketched out a bunch of logo concepts to try and get a feel for what kind of style the client was looking for.

Brand Development

The motif with the heart flowers coming out of the pages of a book ended up being the concept that the client had liked the best so I began to explore how they could be presented. With more solid vs. hand drawn styles and different stylings and orientations for the book.

Logo Design

Below are the final logo designs. I created a few treatments, one main logo with the circle, as well as horizontal and vertical oriented logos that could go with a logo typeface.

Typography and Colours


It was a joy to create this special logo for Doreen’s new business. Little Heartprints Academy is currently set to open in Spring 2021.

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